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In a modern age where almost everything is 'designer', it seemed only fit that the humble teddy bear received a well overdue facelift.
Marvel Bearz are made of simple vinyl plastic and have been decorated with the legendary colours and costumes of Marvel superheroes. The "Bearz" stand at 5" tall, have poseable limbs and are displayed in a unique, frosted, acetate packaging. In order to safely display the "Bearz" in their unique packaging, a colourful button has been secured to the back of your "Bearz" head.
Some of these buttons are rarer than others, for example, there are less bears with red buttons than there are with silver buttons. All buttons are covered with a safety cap so until you have purchased and opened your bear, no-one will know what colour your button will be!

How rare is your bear?

Black - only 500 pieces worldwide
Red - only 1,000 pieces worldwide
Blue - only 2,500 pieces worldwide
Purple - only 2,500 pieces worldwide
Silver - only 5,000 pieces worldwide
Gold - only 10,000 pieces worldwide

ImageItem NameItem DescriptionItem PriceQty 
Carnage £4.99
Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic £4.99
The Punisher
The Punisher £4.99



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